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Supportive Services

Supportive Services provides assistance to families who have a family member with a disability or to individuals with disabilities who live on their own

Services include:

  • Guardianship: Assists families with legal arrangements to appoint a guardian who will manage the personal and/or financial affairs and make decisions for a person with a disability over the age of 18, who is unable to make life decisions for themselves. Click here for more information.
  • Community habilitation: Provides support for individuals with disabilities living in the community. Includes training in cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, and banking.
  • Self advocacy: Provides a mechanism for individuals with disabilities to advocate for and promote their rights. Includes two Self Advocacy chapters at Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara, who elect officers and attend local, regional and statewide conferences and educational activities.
  • Recreation: Gives families the support that can make the difference in preserving and strengthening a positive family environment. While giving family members a well deserved “break,” recreational activities enable the family’s loved one to make new friends and enrich their lives through participation in a variety of social and physically oriented activities. There are programs for youth (ages 10-18) and adults (19+).