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Supported Employment

Students and Job Seekers: Start Your Journey to Workplace Success Here

P.A.R.T.N.E.R.S. in Employment — Our Supported Employment department Provides Assessment, Rehabilitation and Training to New Employees who are Reaching for Success across Niagara County. Let us introduce you to the steps necessary to gain employment in the community. For further information, please contact Mike Setlik at 297-6400 or info@oppunlimited.org.

Objective: To gain workplace knowledge and experience in actual employment settings in the community, or at our training centers throughout Niagara County, leading to meaningful employment of your choice. Job Coaching Services provided 100% of the time by our professionally trained and experienced staff. For students, we offer assistance with your 54-hours of Work Based learning requirements. For those entering and re-entering the workforce, we offer a full package of options.

Why select Opportunities Unlimited as your provider for Supported Employment?

  • Experienced staff
  • 15+ occupation options
  • Successful placements for 24 years
  • Peer advisors
  • Founded/Governed by families since 1955

We are with you every step of your journey to success from:

  • Vocational evaluation – career interest/skills inventory;
  • Career exploration – ranging from shadows, internships and paid opportunities (see occupation options below)
  • Communication & social skills training;
  • Accepting supervision;
  • Workplace culture and conduct;
  • Workplace policies and safety;
  • Transportation training;
  • Technology use;
  • Money management;
  • Resume creation;
  • Application and job search;
  • Dressing for the workplace;
  • Mock interviewing;
  • Self-advocacy, and
  • Positive self-image.

You may select from the following occupation options (as available):

  • Car Detailing
  • Cashiering
  • Culinary Assistant
  • Customer Service
  • Dining Room Attendant
  • Front End Retail Attendant
  • Green House Specialist
  • Hostess
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry Attendant
  • Lawn Care
  • Maintenance/Janitorial Worker
  • Material Handler/Utility Helper
  • Stock Worker
  • Switchboard Operator/Reception
  • Other occupations? You tell us…

To supplement our extensive training services, we have partnered with Niagara University since 2009 to offer an on-campus work readiness program – Transition Readiness for Employment in the Community (T.R.E.C.). Trainees receive instruction relative to work habits and attitudes, literacy, basic computer skills, role-playing and local employer tours.  Examples of subjects also covered are: orientation to campus; self-care, good work habits, schedules, supervision, career exploration, computer skills, self-esteem/self-advocacy, and a resume workshop. Classroom and real-world experiences are combined. Additionally, they meet with human resource and career development professionals from Niagara University, members of the business community, and members of Opportunities Unlimited’ s board of directors, to learn more about career exploration and the skills employers are seeking.