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Clinical Services

Clinical services address the clinical habilitative and rehabilitative needs of individuals with developmental disabilities who participate in day habilitation and vocational programming at Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara.

The following specialty services are available: 

  • Social Work: Assists with personal, interpersonal, domestic and environmental challenges
  • Psychology: Assessment, screening, evaluation, counseling and behavioral services
  • Physical Therapy: Functional mobility training; assistive device training to program participants & families
  • Occupational therapy: Evaluates upper extremity/hand function, visual perceptual skills, ergonomics, adaptive equipment, splint fabrication, wheelchair clinic, evaluations, repairs & seating solutions. Also evaluates and assists in ADL functioning. Evaluate and develop strategies to assist with sensory integrative dysfunction, sensory and tactile defensiveness
  • Speech/language pathology: Assesses and improves expressive and receptive communication skills, assesses for feeding/swallowing problems as well as use of assistive technology devices
  • Medical/nursing: Provides screening and monitoring of chronic conditions and vital signs; administers medications and Mantoux tests; provides health-related information
  • Nutrition: Assessment, screening, intake evaluations, menu planning, counseling for weight control
  • Psychiatry: Addresses mental, emotional or behavioral disorders with appropriate medication interventions as necessary

Our staff of licensed professionals specializes in providing services to people with developmental disabilities under the direction of a board certified medical director.