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Membership Matters


Like all of us, individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities have their own interests. Some like to: participate in archery, rock climbing, boating and more at Camp Happiness, held each year at the Lockport Family YMCA’s Camp Kenan; plant and nurture greenery grown in the Niagara Floral Center and Greenhouse; create works of art through Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara’s fine arts program; volunteer to deliver hot meals to shut-ins across Niagara County; and become a Purple Eagle for a semester at Niagara University through our Transition Readiness for Employment in the Community program or day program. These are just a few examples of the activities they participate in through the support they receive through Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara.

How can you help? You can ensure that they will continue to participate in these and other activities and ultimately achieve their goals and dreams through our annual membership campaign. An individual membership is only $1.00 and is an easy way you can support the hundreds of individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara works with every day.

In addition, membership entitles you to invitations to events, newsletters and informational mailings. You also automatically become a member of both NYSARC, Inc., our statewide organization, and The ARC of the United States, our national organization.

As our membership increases, so does our Agency’s voice and strength when it comes to legislative matters. Ultimately, the more members we have, the more influence we have, the more our policymakers will listen to our positions and platforms, which is essential to our long-term survival and growth. And perhaps most important, your membership is a statement that you believe in the importance of Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara and support our mission.

Now, more than ever, your support as a member is critical. Governor Cuomo has made it clear that New York State will be substantially reducing their support of programs for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities – and that means Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara will be impacted. We must work together to ensure that the quality of life for people with disabilities is not diminished and that their value as people is fully realized. Your membership will help us do this! Please become a member today!

If you wish to register more than one (1) person in your family (18 years of age or older) please purchase using your credit card here and use this link below to a form which you may email or mail to us. You may also mail the form with a check to the agency attention Foundation Office.

Thank you in advance!