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About Our Greenhouse

The Niagara Floral Center and Greenhouse is one of the ways Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara works to promote the maximum potential and integration of people with disabilities by offering volunteer experience in a professional florist and greenhouse setting.

Donations from local businesses, organizations, foundations and individuals, have provided funding to create and sustain these programs.

Individuals enter the horticulture trade with varying disabilities while sharing a common interest and enthusiasm for working with plants and flowers. In this supportive environment, individuals acquire motor skill enhancement and pre-vocational skills. From preparing seedbeds to filling orders for floral arrangements, they learn about the horticulture field while gaining a sense of accomplishment with visible results. It is the individuals themselves who nurture, plant and create the items that in turn are sold to the public. These individuals accompany their plants and arrangements into the community through cart sales held in local shopping malls, hospitals, businesses, nursing homes and community events such as Earth Day celebrations and business expos.

The Niagara Floral Center and Greenhouse opened to the public in 1995 and is a component of the agency’s day programs. Since its inception, the greenhouse has grown tremendously and currently provides training and therapy to more than 150 individuals each week. The greenhouse is open daily to the public and takes orders for holidays, special occasions and everyday floral needs. All funds directly benefit and sustain the program. Tours and programming are provided to elementary school groups, senior citizens, scouts and other special interest groups on site where the community is educated about horticulture therapy and the elements key to the program’s success. Additionally, through the agency’s Speaker’s Bureau, the greenhouse coordinator speaks to various community groups about the benefits of horticulture therapy, lessons on how to incorporate it into their programming and successes our program participants achieved through the program.