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A foundation for opportunity

Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara Foundation, Inc.

The Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara Foundation, Inc. was created in 1999 as a separate not-for-profit corporation to provide a source of long-term financial support for agency programs and services. The goal of the Foundation is to ensure that people with developmental disabilities, who are served by Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara, will continue to receive needed support well into the future. The Foundation provides a more focused concentration toward developing resources in order to generate additional funds that address the unique needs of people with developmental disabilities.

The Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara Foundation mission is to provide a long-term source of financial support that ensures people with developmental disabilities have opportunities toward independence and integration within the community.

President’s Message ~ Dawn MacDonald

As president of the Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara Foundation Inc., thank you for making us your charity of choice.

It is your donations and the energy of our volunteers, friends, family members, employees, businesses, corporations and other community connections that contribute to our success. Your generosity helps us make a difference in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities throughout Niagara County.

On behalf of our program participants, we thank you for your continued support!