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Community-based employment

P.A.R.T.N.E.R.S. in Employment — Our Supported Employment department Provides Assessment, Rehabilitation and Training to New Employees who are Reaching for Success across Niagara County. Let us introduce your business to a new concept in hiring employees. References are available on request.

Through our partnerships, we:

  • Assess skills needed for each position your business offers
  • Assess the skills and interests of each candidate who is looking for work
  • Provide a job match that requires the least amount of intervention to ensure successful placement

Benefits we provide:

  • On-site training assistance through the term of employment at no cost to your company
  • Qualified and well trained employees to meet your business needs
  • Decreased advertising costs for open positions
  • Compliance assistance with Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Information on tax credits for hiring those with disabilities

To join the growing list of satisfied customers across Niagara County, contact Mike Setlik at (716) 297-6400 or inquire@oppunlimited.org.