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Volunteer & intern opportunities

Volunteer & intern opportunities

The agency depends a great deal on the support of volunteers and interns from the community. We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to meet your interests and needs:

For the potential volunteer/intern, we offer:

Paid co-ops or internships are also available for students interested in a relief, direct care position.

To apply to be an intern and/or volunteer, please complete a volunteer application.

Please mail the completed application to:
Human Resources, Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara, 2393 Niagara Falls Blvd., LPO Box 360, Niagara Falls, NY 14304-0360.

Should you have any questions regarding our volunteer opportunities please contact Roxane Albond-Buchner at (716) 504-2625, or inquire@oppunlimited.org.

Board and Standing Committees

Volunteer positions are available on the board of directors, which meets monthly and provides oversight, guidance and financial direction to the agency. Board members will serve a three-year term. Standing committee positions are also available and focus on personnel, finance, guardianship, nominating and the various programs offered to people with disabilities. If you are interested, complete the Board of Directors Application or the Committee Application and return it to: Sally Garde, Executive Assistant, Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara, LPO Box 360, Niagara Falls, NY 14304-0360..

Advocacy Program

Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara is recruiting caring individuals who are interested in becoming advocates and enhancing the lives of people with developmental disabilities. An advocate provides advice to help individuals with disabilities to make important, everyday decisions that improve the quality of their lives.

Volunteers should be patient, supportive and good listeners. Parents, family members and friends of individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as staff members from other human service agencies, are encouraged to consider an advocacy role.

It also helps for volunteers to have an understanding of disability issues and concerns, but anyone with a desire to help is welcome. This program stems from federal regulations and state policies, which specify that advocates must be appointed to represent individuals who have no other person in their life to assist them in attaining their rights.

This is a great opportunity for newly retired people who find themselves with free time.

Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara is aggressively working to ensure that each program participant who is in need of an advocate is well matched to a trained volunteer. The agency will conduct thorough training so every advocate becomes an educated and informed supporter to promote independence, inclusion and productivity for individuals with disabilities.

People with disabilities will benefit from having an objective individual in their lives who is trained in the advocacy role, educated in understanding their rights and needs, and focused on the individual’s wants and desires.

For more information about the advocacy program, please contact Sally Garde at (716) 504-2625 or info@oppunlimited.org. If you would like to apply to become an advocate, please fill out the volunteer application (pdf) and return it to: Sally Garde, Executive Assistant, Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara, LPO Box 360, Niagara Falls, NY 14304-0360.